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Vegesacker Hafenfest

The Vegesacker Hafenfest  is a three-day event built around the Vegesack harbour.

On offer are: maritime music acts and attractions, happy people and a lively atmosphere. The three day – long festivities always take place on the first weekend in June.
For some background information: The Vegesacker Hafen (Vegesack harbour) has already been constructed in the first half of the 17 century, in the years from 1618 to 1623 and was the first artificially-built German sea-port. Today, it carries the designation of a „museum port“ and is the home of many traditional ships.

The newly constructed harbour edge,  designed within the frame of the  Lower Vegesack refurbishmentprogramme, was at first only accepted reluctantly. When looking for ideas to make this  part of the harbourmore attractive and to do it more justice, decision-makers thought created the Harbour Festival.The people called to devise this new Festival were mainly businesspeople and publicans, especially those on the central and lower harbour area. Thus, the founding fathers of the Hafenfest set up an event ideal for partying, chatting and listening to great music.
So the tradition of the  Hafenfest begun, expanding each year a little more. External stall owners joined in,the music area got bigger, the quality of performances increased continually and more and more ship visited Vegesack harbour during the party. Sometimes, the area was almost too packed, on land as well as on the ships.The special blend of various music acts, of Jazz, Country, Rock, Blues and  shanties, which mostly evolved from sailors worksongs, good food and drink and the maritime flair make the visitor want to be part of it all, to linger and join the fun.

Nowadays, many citizens of Bremen and its surroundings perceive the Hafenfest as an important part of the annual cycle of festivities around the region.
Whereas the first Hafenfest was visited almost exclusively by local guests, it increased its catchment area considerably, exceeding the Bremen and Niedersachsen borders.

The small event around the Vegesack Harbour succeded at becoming one of Bremen's biggest 
But not only the interest of visitors (up to 200.000 for the whole weekend) confirms its pull, but also the enthusiastic participation of stall owners, musical groups and bands.



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