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Lower Weser Region

The Lower Weser, like a liquid blue ribbon, connects the Hanse town of Bremen with the North Sea. A chain of sights and places in beautiful landscape follows its path.

The region has long been characterized by shipbuilding and seafaring. The many traditional ships, the harbours, shipyards and museums bear witness of the martime tradition. The river landscape is shaped by the tides, by ebb and flow. Dikes and barrages protect the hinterland from flooding.

The Lower Weser with its branches is a paradise for water sportspeople and lovers of nature. See the North Sea Wadden Area or relax at the Weser shore, watching the big steamers, traditional ships or sailboats.

Take time for activities exploring the nature, sightseeing, guided tours around the landscape or the city. Enjoy the sense of space, the ever-changing cloud formations and the healthy climate.

The flat landscape is, first and foremost, an invitation for cycling. Experience the maritime flair by bike or taste the wind during a boat trip. Why not take a lunch break in one of the comfortable restaurants near the waterfront, e.g. the Landcafe or the Melkhus? You will be rewarded with traditional, hearty North German food.  
Get to know the hospitable boarding houses, stylish hotels, camping sites or the mobile camper home. Come and visit us- we invite you to a trip through the Lower Weser Region.  

Circular bike trail Lower Weser

Discover on the circular bike trial Lower Weser 165 km maritime landscape on both sides of the river between Bremen and its mouth, flowing into the North Sea.

The circular trail connects all towns on the Lower Weser.The circular trip can be be commenced at a random point on the trail.Our description begins at the Bremen main station. Through the Marshlands of the Wümme, along the promenades of rivers Weser and Lesum, and views of ships, beaches and shipyards along the way through the North. Beside the embankment, the circular bike trial leads the bike trail to the port town of Bremerhaven. After crossing the river, the trail back to Bremen leads through the Weser marshland, passing thatched cottages and waterfront townships, driving through villages and harbour towns.

Ferry links between the two sides of the river make possible small round trips, shortened routes, or tour variations. But the Weser tourist boats or German Rail can also help cyclists to cover certain parts of their trail in an individual, leisurely way.
The Circular Trail also gives access to the Weser bike path, the German Sluice Trail, the North Sea Coast Trail, the Wümme route, the bike paths "From the Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea"and "Wide Country," as well as further cycling routes and round trips to natural landscapes and sights beyond the Unterweser.



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